Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anyone For A Mustache Ride??

This is what boredom and store creation do to could be dangerous.

New Shapes and Skin Ads!

So decided to revamp the skin pictures i just came out with and have them include shapes. I don't have all of them done yet but a peek at what to expect in the next few days... Make sure to join the group inworld to stay up to date :)


So... I am coming out with heeps of stuff. Not to mention i am in the middle of completely redesigning the store. I am in the middle of working on it all so make sure you stop in often just got done with some of the posters so i thought i would share! This is my monthly deal coming in at just 10L in wonderful viewer 2 layers among all the others.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sneak Peek New Skin !

Skins come in 4 differant shades, cleavage options, and options for the OooO so cute dimples. Five differant makeups to choose from. (much more to come). And they all come with eyebrowshapers. Ever had problems matching your prims to yours skin? I also include a note card with your RGB so things can match MMM... so perfectly. They will be released by the end of the week just made my posters and was super excited!